IoT solutions for bicycles

Connect, share and secure your bikes

Sentinel offers a unique range of hardware and software solutions to connect, share and secure your bikes. The Sentinel smart lock is packed with technology and can be opened with an app or a RFID-card.

Main features include: internet connection, track & trace (GPS), crash warning, built-in RFID reader, OTA updates and plug-in anti-theft chain.

Connected Lock

Built-in network connection via 2G, LTE-M and NB-IoT.


Operate all lock functions with a smartphone  app.

RFID technology

No keys needed, open the lock with a key-chain or RFID card with over the air verification.

Firmware updates

New firmware versions can be installed in the lock via over the air updates. 

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Anne Coppens - managing director

Blue-bike was founded in 2011 by the NMBS (Belgian Railway Operator). The blue sharing bikes offer train and bus users more freedom to cover the last kilometers from the station to their final destination. 

Today you can borrow a bicycle at more than 70 locations throughout Belgium. Since the start in 2011 more than xx rides have been made by more than 200.000 members.

With the smart locks and technology of Sentinel we are ready for the future. Not only can now quickly scale up to hundreds of additional locations but we offer our customers to easily use bike by presenting the public transport RFID card directly to the lock. Because almost no infrastructure is needed we can easily open new locations or adjust the capacity on existing locations.

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Zingi Solutions

Zingi offers companies and organizations a unique total package for shared bikes, enabling them to quickly and above all worry-free access their own digital solution for cycling mobility. Very complete and easy to implement.

Sentinel is our technology partner for the locks, the software and the smartphone apps. They take care of all things technical so we can have full focus on our core business; selling the Zingi solutions.

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Mobit was launched in September 2017 and we were the first free floating bike sharing scheme in Belgium. To date over half a million rides have been made with a Mobit bike in Belgium.

Sentinel is our technology partner for the locks, the software and the smartphone app. The Sentinel public bike sharing platform is very reliable, easy to use and offers an abundance of features (geofencing, deposit & wallet function, messaging, ...). The platform was tuned to our specific needs, including look and feel.

The automated functions allow us to run Mobit at a very low operational cost.

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