Tailor-made IoT solutions for the bicycle industry

Digitalization & smart security for your bikes

With Sentinel you respond to future-oriented (e-)mobility, according to the needs of your organization. Equip your bikes with our reliable bike lock that opens with an app or unique RFID technology and use the intuitive IoT-platform including theft alarm, track & trace system, crash signal, ...


RFID technology

You no longer need a key, just a simple key ring or RFID card.

Management via smartphone

Operate all functions with the user-friendly app.

Smart Lock

Ultra-secure lock with long lifespan.


A custom app in your own corporate identity.

What our clients say

Mobit 100 x100
Marina De Bie, Alderwoman for Climate and Environment at Stad Mechelen

We were among the first to introduce Mobit. Via Mobit, the user can use and return bicycles very flexibly and easily. This filled a gap in the city's offering.It's easy and that means you get loyal users and more are added every day.

Marina De Bie Mechelen
Mobit 100 x100
Vicky Vanmarcke, Alderwoman of Mobility at Stad Mechelen

I am a user from the very beginning. The bike lock works fairly simple. It’s like logging in to the app. I keep promoting the system in our city.

Mobit Mechelen_Vicky Vanmarcke_staand


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