Connect and secure your bikes

The white labeled digital touchpoints of Sentinel make your bike fleet truly smart.

Give your employees or customers the user experience they expect in the branding they love. Our best-in-class solutions can be customized the way you want!

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Our services belong in your pocket

The companion app is used to pick a bike and unlock it.

Discover bikes nearby
Theft detection
Indicate malfunctions
Adapt the branding to make the app truly you

Stay on top
of your game

Our data platform offers the insight you need to serve your employees or customers even better.

Know where your bikes are, who uses them and in which condition they are.
Discover the most used routes
Have an overview of broken bikes
Manage users and RFID cards

Powered by the
Sentinel lock

The key component of our ecosystem is the strongest smart lock in the world. It is packed with technology and can be opened with an app or a RFID-card.

Ready to hit the road?

Let’s join forces and go on an adventure!
Try out our high-tech lock or experience a demo of our software solutions.

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